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The Prestige

Jon-derek Castagno on Monday, 23 October 2006.

WOW! What a great movie, I can not believe how good that movie is. Everyone must see that freaking movie. The plot twists are some of the most shocking I have seen and so good. Just go spend your 8 dollars and see the damn movie!

Registration was a breeze for me at least. I got in at 5:57 am and was out in 1.5 minutes. The “G Men” on the other hand didn’t, so we had to spend another half an hour getting them in and registered and because it took so long they didn’t get the times for classes they wanted, which is sad because we were going to take 3 classes together but now only 2 L. Oh well, I still got what I wanted and there schedule works out well. I have a 4!! Day weekend next quarter, classes MTW and that’s it, so amazing I can not wait, although MW are going to be hard as hell but I will enjoy that long weekend. I do recommend a 3 day weekend not sure yet about 4 I will let you know at the end of winter quarter. Till next time

-The Coolest Dude Ever