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The Return of Life

Jon-derek Castagno on Monday, 30 October 2006.

So today is a glorious day, Prison break started back up again after the month of not being on (STUPID FOX). Whoa! Is all I gotta say, I really missed that show quite a bit, I can’t believe Link got captured at the end of the episode. Also Heroes was playing again, that is definitely my second favorite show (First being House MD). I just really like how my Monday evenings are watching 3 great shows that we recorded to watch then, it really makes my day; especially after getting out of a long and difficult OS Scripting class.

Word to the wise, a lot of NSSA (Networking, Security , Systems Administration) classes are 3 hour lecture, 2 hour lab.. That 3 hour lecture straight is so hard, you feel like you want to pull out your hair by the end of class, its just too much information to absorb. So get ready for them.