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The RIT Players: My Experience

Kevin Granger on Friday, 08 October 2010. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

Back in high school, I started participating in drama club on a whim because of my friends. Copious amounts of fun were had -- I was surprised! Coincidentally, the first show I participated in was the 24-hour play.

This is a coincidence because the RIT Players’ 24 Hours of RIT was what convinced me to join them. Never before had I seen such raw talent! Each show had me in stitches -- I couldn’t believe that these shows were made completely (created, written, practiced, memorized, and performed), only in 24 hours! One play even had me not only laughing, but thinking philosophically at the end. To come up with something that thought-provoking in only 24 hours is astonishing. I unfortunately came late to the show, therefore I wasn’t able to get a program, so I don’t have any information on the plays that were written.

I started coming to their weekly meetings, which were a laugh riot. Since I was new, I had to stand up and give my name, major, where I'm from, and one interesting fact about myself. I couldn't think of an interesting fact, naturally, but I did my best anyway. At the end of the meeting, the sign-in sheets are read. That may sound boring, but next to your name and email address, you must answer the question posed at the top of the sheet. That's where the real humor comes out.

Laughter at the RIT players meeting
Reading the sign-in sheets always provides a laugh for the club. Photo Credit: Kevin Granger

A week or two later, I auditioned for the RIT Players One-Acts. I read two parts from two separate plays -- both very interesting plays. (If you want to know what they’re about, you’ll have to see the show!) One day later, I had an email waiting from them: I was in!

The rehearsal that Sunday was a great experience. I met the rest of the cast (they all already knew each other) and we received our scripts. As it was the first rehearsal, we just read through the play a couple of times.

After going to a meeting or two more, I went with some of the Players on a trip to see Amadeus in the Geva theatre in Rochester.

A ticket to see Amadeus at the Geva Theatre on Friday, October 1st at 8PMMy ticket to see Amadeus at the Geva Theatre in Rochester. Photo Credit: Kevin Granger

the geva theatre frontThe front of the Geva Theatre. Photo Credit: Kevin Granger

It was a wonderful performance. After the show, we all had a late-night dinner at Jay’s Diner.

The coming weeks will hold many more rehearsals, and I can’t wait for the One-Acts. (The shows are October 29th at 8PM, October 30th at 8PM, and October 31st at 2PM. You should definitely come and see it!)

Joining the RIT Players was definitely a good decision. Club life is one of the most important aspects, I believe, of any college, and this is no exception.

I’ll be covering more about the Players as time goes on (I’ll probably tweet about it too). Find out more about the players on their Official Website or follow them on twitter (@RITPlayers)

(Alissa talked a bit about the Players too, here)