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The Setup

Jon-derek Castagno on Tuesday, 10 July 2007. Posted in Co-op

Howdy all, today's post is dedicated to my setup in my room. As you may know i am living outside of Philly on a co-op. I found a house that i am living in. I have moved in for the most part (its been 6 weeks) What i can not do is pretty much due to space limitation in the room. Being a computer guy my most prized position is my electronics. Here are some photos of my setup

The Main View:

My Clay sculpture. (Each color is made entirely out of clay, there is no painting at all)
Clay Animal

My Chair (this chair is amazing!)

So that is the main attraction of my room. It is quaint and I love my room. This weekend i finally deployed my AD (active Directory) for the servers I am running and it is beautiful. I setup many GPO's to restrict the privileges of the members of my domain. Next up i am going to install a exchange server. Well i got to get going. Hope you enjoy the photos.