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The Sun is Setting South

Josh Kramer on Friday, 16 October 2009. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

Close your eyes, and imagine sitting in a quad. The sun is beating down on you as a nice, warm breeze races its way through campus to ruffle your hair. in the distance you can hear the bell tower, and smell the scent of freshly cut grass. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, not feeling stressed at all with the first, easy homework assignment of the quarter.

Now open you eyes, and it disappears.

Welcome to a world of cold that is only going to get colder, with wind that pushes the cold air into your clothing, chilling you to the bone. You know its going to get colder, and you only wish for the wind to let up for 2 minutes so you can get back to your dorm.

Ok, so I am exaggerating a little, but it is getting freaking cold at RIT. If you are coming to the open house tomorrow and plan to go on a tour, bring a hat and a thick sweatshirt. It is starting to feel like late fall. I have been eyeing my winter coat for a few days now, knowing I probably should put it on, but instead reaching for my sweatshirt, putting off the inevitable for a few more days. As the sun keeps inching toward the southern horizon, I know I can't put it off forever.

I'm from southern Vermont, so I like the cold. Yet there is a big part of me that wishes spring quarter would come around so I can start eyeing my shorts with just as much longing as I have trepidation for my winter coat.