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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Josh Kramer on Sunday, 28 February 2010. Posted in Clubs, Study Abroad

Spring break is here! Finals week is over and the dorms are quiet. For most, finals week is a very stressful week. For me there was no exception, however my stress was caused for a different reason. I was sick Tuesday through Friday, and was feeling sub-par on Saturday. I thought it was just a stomach bug, but it was definitely something worse. wing_green.jpg
If you can see it, the green on the wing is the
de-icing fluid they hosed onto the plane
I actually ended up in the Emergency Room at Highland Hospital for dehydration Thursday night!

Now, however, I am (mostly) better. I am currently typing this 6 miles above the ground, sitting next to my former roommate, sipping cran-apple juice aboard a United flight to Phoenix, Arizona. Since it was snowing in Rochester we had to get de-iced, and we didn't take off until about an hour after we were supposed to. We have a layover in Chicago, and were supposed to have about 45 minutes to get between planes. Now we are scheduled to land 12 minutes after our connecting flight is scheduled to take off.
The sky from above the clouds. It's always
sunny up here!
I am with the Honors Engineering program. Every year, the second year engineering students go on a domestic trip during sprig break to visit various engineering companies. It's a great opportunity, a lot of fun, and best of all, is completely paid for. We even get a $115 cash food allowance (which you are not required to spend on food). Since the program is so big this year, we split the group for the first time. One group is going to Raleigh, North Carolina and the other group to Phoenix, Arizona.

If we ever get to Phoenix, we will have the rest of today to relax and enjoy the weather (and route for USA in their final hockey game against Canada!). Then tomorrow we are visiting Microchip and Juggernaut Design (I'm not sure what they do). Tuesday we visit Raytheon, which will take all day. We are not allowed to bring cell phones, laptops, or even iPods into the facility. Wednesday we go to Ping (they make golf clubs) and Medtronic. Thursday we go to General Dynamics, and in the evening are going to an Alumni Reception. Apparently the receptions don't have very good turnouts usually, but when people heard that there would be current students there a lot more people wanted to go. It makes me feel so special!

The scenery from the bus. On the way
from the airport.

Ground Update:
We made it! We ran to our connecting flight, but we all got on. We arrived in an overcast Phoenix and rode a bus to the hotel. After settling in a group of us went to wander around Tempe (the actual town we are in, just outside Phoenix). We indecively wandered around looking for a place to eat, and eventually settled on a Philly Cheesesteak place. As both a vegetarian and recovering from a stomach bug it probably wasn't a good idea, but we shall see if there are repercussions in an hour or two.

Although today it is rainy with a high of 55, the rest of the week is either sunny or partly phoenixscenery.jpg
A group of us eating Philly Cheesesteaks!
(I'm not in the picture)
cloudy, highs in the 70s. It's gonna be a great week! Truly, the sun will come out tomorrow.