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The Truth About Senior Year Grades

Mariah McLane Giardino on Thursday, 22 January 2015. Posted in Admissions Process

There’s a nasty little myth in the world of college admissions. Have you heard it? It usually goes something like this: “Admissions counselors don’t look at your senior year grades; all they care about is your junior year.” Well, I’m here as an admissions counselor to tell you that this is NOT TRUE! Don’t fall victim to this rumor and let senioritis set in. Many of you are taking midterms at the end of this month, so even though it's tempting, don’t allow yourself to slack off now. We review grades from every year on your transcript, so make sure you are still continuing to perform well in all your classes. 

As we review applications and find students who may be borderline candidates for admission, we often request that mid-year grades be sent from high school counselors. Do not underestimate the importance of mid-year grades; they can sometimes result in a make-or-break decision for your application! If you were a great student all throughout high school but suddenly start bombing out senior year, it’s a red flag to us, and we will definitely take note. That could have a negative impact on your admissions decision, and you don’t want all your hard work to go to waste (neither do we!) Here’s some advice: admissions counselors like to see students’ grades either stay consistent or improve during high school, and a strong senior year is something we WILL notice and potentially reward. 
So, just keep this in mind when you’re slaving over your homework and wondering if it’s worth it to bother studying for midterms. It definitely is, so please don’t let your grades slip now. 
Good luck on your exams!