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The University Decision

Matthieu Dora on Monday, 06 January 2014. Posted in Admissions Process

As I’m sure you’re all well aware by now, deciding upon what university you want to attend can be a nerve wracking, challenging and long-winded process. Everyone has a different way they go about deciding where they want to attend and why but I’m about to go through my own thought process and what made me choose RIT as my university. To start, you have to like where you go. While a general statement, it means a lot more to you once you’re in the thick of your classes and need to do something outside of your major for a few hours. Do you like the town? The campus? The weather? I’ve lived in Rochester for a number of years before attending RIT so was already used to the town and weather. When visiting campuses both in Canada and the US I was struck by how little I liked old university campuses. I visited campuses such as University of Pittsburg, Princeton, University of Toronto and Carleton University and was quite put off by the old gothic style buildings those campuses used. I found the halls dark and the wifi inconsistent. I liked the more modern design of the RIT campus, as well as how pervasive the wifi was on the campus. Another large consideration for me was the study abroad programs available. Travelling is a large part of my life and I wanted to continue travelling while studying. Many of the schools I visited had a study abroad program but were not nearly as inclusive as the RIT program. I found out that RIT owned several foreign campuses including one in Dubai aimed towards Mechanical and Electrical Engineering students. With this discovery came the firm decision to attend RIT. It was even better when I learned that the tuition, housing and financial aid were all the same regardless of which RIT campus you attended. Cost is a major consideration for everyone who is looking to attend university but I actually disregarded it until the end of my search. The reason for this was because the list price of a university bears little resemblance to the actual price of attending the university. Once I had found a university that I liked I would then start to factor in the price of the university into my decision. In the end I chose RIT because I could study abroad for the same price as in Rochester, the challenging academics, and a nice campus. Everyone will have their own list of criteria that is important to them and it’s up to you to be the judge of what is and isn’t important. -Matthieu out