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The Unknown Dangers of Hockey

Amanda Lasicki on Sunday, 25 January 2009. Posted in Athletics, Campus Safety, Clubs, Student Life, Women at RIT

On Friday night I went to my first women's hockey game. I'm a big hockey fan and in previous years I've gone to nearly all the men's games. This year, due to my busy schedule, I have only made it to one men's game. And that was back in October. Luckily, I found out there was a women's game and I decided to go to that. At first, I was a little apprehensive. I like hockey not so much for the puck and ice and sticks business. A bit more for the blood and fighting and violence part. I was afraid that the women's team would not partake in the non-hockey fun, but I was wrong. Unfortunately, any sort of checking is illegal in women's hockey, so anytime it happened somebody got a penalty. The game itself was really exciting and our team is AMAZING. We wound up tied but then won in sudden death over time. YAY GO TIGERS!!

Now, everybody knows that with being a hockey spectator comes some risk. There are the obvious ones like being hit in the head with a flying puck or the fist of an overzealous fan. Then there are the ones that you might not think about too often, like consuming too many hot dogs and having to see them again on the way home. But the real risk is .... USM. What is USM? USM is Unexpected Shirtless Men. USM strikes at almost 95% of all hockey games. Unfortunately for me, this time my own friends were the cause of my being exposed to USM. I'm not sure what man came up with the idea that taking your shirt off and painting your torso was the best way to support your team. The funny thing is, it seems the colder it is, the more likely USM is to happen. I didn't risk sitting with these guys but I did go visit them during breaks. However, from where we were sitting, any time we tried to look in the corner up by the goal, all we could see was the reflection of USM in the glass.

Next Friday there is a game at Blue Cross Arena downtown which I plan on going to. If you wanna come visit RIT, next weekend would be a great choice, there's tons going on!!

My friend Waldo and I
Not only was he the cause of some USM
But he also wore a ridiculous tiger hat
Which I then stole.

Dana and I in our matching letters.
I'm still wearing that that ridiculous hat.
Oh well...could have been even CRAZIER...

That, my friends, is a hat.