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The Wii

Jon-derek Castagno on Sunday, 03 December 2006.

I have a wonderful Wii that I camped out for early last Sunday morning. It is a glorious system. I highly recommend it to everyone. It is so much fun and you need to play it. I really only bought it for Zelda. I love Zelda and the fact that I just dropped $300 so I can play one game and only that game is a bit ridiculous but I love Zelda and it has my undying devotion.

Wii Sports is a game that I had no idea I would get into and enjoy as much as I have, one of the “G Men”, Corey and I have been playing all afternoon really enjoying it and getting better and better. It took us many hours to figure out how to really play well with it we are pretty damn good if I must say we still haven’t figured out how to consistently do everything like put a really nasty spin on the ball, but I am confident we will figure it out. We are about 600 points away from Pro, which is 1000 points. We only get like 20 points for each game we do, not sure why its so low. Anyone have any ideas?