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theme parties

Amanda Lasicki on Friday, 21 March 2008. Posted in Student Life

ahh...the weekend. tonight my friend is having a theme party. specifically, an espionage soirée. attendees must dress as either a secret agent, diabolical bad guy, foxy femme fatale, or a damsel in distress (no joke, i stole that right from the invite). i'm sitting around contemplating my clothing options. and contemplating watching the incredibles.

hmmm...if only i had my old prom dress....was cinderella ever in distress? maybe when she was locked in the attic...


anyways theme parties are pretty much the best concept ever. holidays are the biggest reasons to have theme parties. however, plenty of themes that start out holiday based can be used year-round.


christmas sweater party!
i've definitely mentioned christmas sweater parties before. to prevent you from searching for it, here's the general idea. at christmas time, some relatives (usually the older female figures - grannies, great aunts, etc) give these large heinous sweaters as gifts that are usually adorned with santa, reindeer, trees, and the like. many of these wind up at goodwill and then can be used for a christmas sweater party. bonus points to people who find ones with bells or lights.
how this can be used outside of christmas time:
well, this one really has to be limited to the colder months, but in november, january, february, or march, it can be an ugly sweater party! there's plenty of ugly sweaters at secondhand stores that don't have reindeer on them.

new year's eve party!
personally, i don't find standing in times square for hours on end in the freezing cold particularly enjoyable. i'd much rather be at a friend's house. this year, we had a dress-up new year's party. another year, we shot off fireworks.
how this can be used outside of new year's:
it really can't. i can't think of any other occaision that people stand around counting down. well...iphone release. haha. hey, if you can think of one, make it work.

superbowl party!
i don't watch the superbowl. i watch it for the commercials and i go to the parties for the AWESOME appetizers that seem to only appear for football season. strange. this year's superbowl party featured a football shaped and decorated cake.
how this can be used outside of the superbowl:
world series party. march madness party. etc etc. note that at these parties, the men will probably want to pay attention to the sports and the women will probably talk and make the men angry.


st. patrick's day party!
i think everybody knows how to have a st. partrick's day party, especially since this holiday was less than a week ago. anybody who doesn't wear green gets pinched!
how this can be used outside of st. patrick's day:
it's another one that really can't. put the green food coloring away.

cinco de mayo party!
burritos and sombreros. brilliant. another bonus is that cinco de mayo falls close to RIT's springfest weekend, meaning that there are concerts and carnivals on campus. as if that wasn't enough of a reason to celebrate.
how this can be used outside of cinco de mayo:
i personally think everybody should have some form of holiday/party to celebrate their heritage. go on, throw an armenian party!!

graduation party!
this one can get rather sappy. while you're celebrating graduating your current place of study (high school or college) and moving on to wherever you're headed, you are also saying goodbye to people and places.
how this one can be used outside of graduation:
i don't want to say that you should throw an "i love my friends" party, but maybe just let them know that you don't take them for granted before may/june?


fourth of july party!
summer is that lovely season where people barbeque and swim and just spend time outside. it works quite nicely that the founding fathers of our nation decided to declare our independence in the summer. go to a parade, have a barbeque, and end the night with some nice fireworks.
how this one can be used outside of the fourth of july:
i LOVE fireworks. i use them as often as i can. unfortunately, they are illegal here. so if you happen to live someplace else, just have fireworks at your next fiesta. just be safe about it. also, the whole concept of barbequeing and being outside works for most of the summer.

labor day party!
see above...minus the whole bit about our nation being formed.


halloween party!
when i was like thirteen, my mom said i was too old to celebrate halloween. what the heck mom?? trying to ruin my fun?? there really is no other time of year that it is acceptable for one to go door to door and beg. granted, there was a period of time when i stopped putting effort into my costumes. i usually just went as "dead" (paint face white with dark undereyes etc). in high school, i spiced it up by going as "dead cheerleader" (dead but wearing my cheerleading uniform). annwho, halloween is a great time to throw a costume party!! it's great seeing what people dress as. there are some people who put effort into their costumes and come as something hysterical, offensive, or risque (or all three at once). and then of course there are lame-os who don't dress up. don't let them in your party.
how this can work outside halloween:

just have a costume party for no reason at all. better yet, a masquerade ball!! (i wanna go to one of these sososososososo bad)

anytime parties
these parties don't need a holiday or season, they're just fun to have.

ABC party!
ABC stands for anything but clothes. for this, people have to create their outfit out of non-clothing items like plastic bags or caution tape to name a few. i'm not really a fan of this type of party because 1. i'm not that creative. 2. you might see more of some people than you want to if you know what i mean.

decade party!
once upon a time, somebody unearthed some old pictures and realized that people from previous decades dressed funny. then they decided to throw a party with a single rule: you had to dress in clothes from a certain decade. decade parties have probably been around for ever. who knows, maybe george washington's wife threw a pilgrim party. the most popular of these seems to be 80's party...makes me wonder if someday my kids are going to be invited to 2000's party. anyways 80's parties are great because you can raid your parents closets or head over to goodwill. however, i think people are starting to get sick of the 80's because i was invited to a 20's party...what did people wear in the 20's?? personally, i want a 50's/60's party. poodle skirts for the win!

fake mustache party!
we had one of these my second year. the basic idea was to have some kooky mustache. one kid grew a real one because he could. another kid went to walmart and got this whole redneck get up. i drew little mustaches on each one of my fingers and just walked around with my finger under my nose. that's actually where my little default picture is from.

and one party i really want to have looks a little something like this...thanks for the idea jimmy eat world!

props to google for allowing me to search and find most of these nifty images.