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things that make my day

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 14 March 2007. Posted in Student Life

its seriously the little things. sure, winning the lottery would make my day but chances of that happening to me EVER? slim to none. so i'm not gonna wait around for that. i like the little things...


seeing your professor parked in the student lot cause the reserved lot was filled. (extra points if its raining and more extra points of you are parked in the reserve lot)

it feeling like it's 4pm and it's actually only 1:30.

your favorite song coming on the radio.

opening your soda and reading the cap to see that you've won another soda.

free food.

going to the bank and finding out that you pretty much have double than what you expected in your account.

old school gameboy.

pictures of cats with funny captions.

raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens. ...wait. no. that's what makes the von trapp's day.

finding money in your pocket.

getting comments on facebook or myspace.

having time to play the sims. which i am going to do right now. even though i should probably wait until after i get out of the shower so i don't get distracted. toodles.