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Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 23 July 2007. Posted in Student Life

three years ago, i attended college and careers as a student. this past weekend, i attended college and careers as an admissions employee. both times were incredibly fun. when i attended as a student, i met all sorts of people and had fun at all the activites and events. as an employee, i got to spend lots of time with my other admissions co-workers, some of which i don't see too often because they work two floors below me. i still got to have fun at the activities. i took pictures which were part of the next day's presentation to the parents and also will be going somewhere on our website.

i found the college and careers weekend to be one of the most helpful programs when looking into colleges. many colleges offer overnight programs where they pair you with an enrolled student. so basically you follow that student around and hang out with their friends. yes, you get to see what college is like, but college and careers helps you in a different way. it prepares you for day one of college. you get assigned a roommate, you have all these social activities to get started, and you most likely know nobody. after participating in the program, i was still nervous about leaving home, but at least i knew i had the skills to introduce myself to people and make friends.

i was part of the student panels this past weekend. there were two, one for the students and one for the parents. (i tripped on my own shoelace and fell on my butt right on stage in front of the parents. must have been a good laugh for them.) we had to give a piece of advice to the parents, sort of "how to cope with your hormonal teenager applying to college." i told them so just lay off a bit, you guys are already feeling tons of pressure and you're nervous about leaving home and getting into school and you're sad about leaving your friends and family.

not gonna lie, senior year isn't the walk in the park everybody makes it out to be. RIT was the first college i visited back in my junior year. i liked it right away and was pretty set on coming here ever since. later in the year, i visited UMBC (university of maryland baltimore county) and drexel. i liked that drexel was in the city, but my mom didn't. at UMBC, baltimore itself seemed to be a 20 - 30 min highway drive away and the campus reminded me wayyy too much of westconn which i was dead set on NOT attending. the memory that sticks out most to me was a dorm building being like 75 yards from the parking lot with a winding little path leading uphill to it. not cool. at both schools, the facilities seemed to be lacking compared to RIT.

sometimes i feel that i didn't look at enough schools. part way through my freshman year here, i went through this phase of i didn't know what to do with my life and i didn't know if RIT was the right school for me. a few people suggested transferring but i hadn't looked anywhere that i really wanted to transfer to!! so for three weeks last january, i constantly bashed myself for once again taking the easy way out of things. i wound up switching my major and finding my place at RIT. switching your major is okay, tons of people do it. don't freak out too much if you don't know what you want to do with your life. ((come to college and careers and give a few courses a try!!))

right now it's summer, and unless you go to some crazy school, you're not that busy right now. take some time off work and visit LOTS of schools. ask your friends where they're looking, go with them. take them with you. ask older siblings or cousins or friends for a few school suggestions. ask your parents for a few suggestions too. it can't hurt to look.

i read this book back in high school, it's called "getting in", i don't remember who it's by. but basically, the story line is that these kids and their families sort of plan a college road trip. they map it all out for the best route and drive around and visit schools. DO THAT.

in other news...i'm getting my computer today!! YAYYYYY!! and giving a fifteen minutes!! yay!!