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Three Down, One More to Go (Hopefully)

Clarissa Baston on Monday, 18 May 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Coursework, Student Life

I must say, I got really really lucky this quarter.  I had no final exams this quarter.  My finals were either take home finals that were due last week and I only had a final critique that lasted like 5 minutes.  So that means that I am officially finished with my third year of college.  It is absolutely insane to me because there were many times during the year where I felt like I couldn't make it.  But I pushed through and I made it!!!

But I know that I won't have much time to catch my breath and regroup because I decide to take a couple online classes this summer.  So the work is never over.  I'm also working in the Admissions office so I might see a couple of you guys if you come for a visit.  I might even chat with a few of you on the phone! :)  I am super pumped for the College and Careers program that the admissions office puts together twice every summer though. 

College and Careers is an overnight program for high school students who want to see what college life is like at RIT.  Students get to choose different areas of interest to test out if what they are interested in is what they really want to get into.  That doesn't sound very exciting, but you can choose from graphic design, computer science, engineering, and much much more!  The fun part, however, is at night.  We set up different activites for everyone to do to show that we RIT kids can play just as hard as we work.  Last year there was laser tag, rock band, psychics, and dancing!  I know another year there was a mechanical bull too and I wish I was there to try it out.  ANYWAYS, if you got nothing to do over the summer definitely check out College and Careers, you can find out more one the admissions website and registration should start soon.  IT IS SOOOO MUCH FUNNN!!!!!!

Well it was an awesome school year and I hope this summer will be just was awesome.  I'll be blogging over the summer too so don't think i've left you! :)

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  • Sheila Sarratore

    Sheila Sarratore

    19 May 2009 at 08:21 |
    Here's the College & Careers website. [url][/url]:)
  • Katey Bailey

    Katey Bailey

    19 May 2009 at 11:39 |
    You are SO RIGHT about the College and Careers weekend. My daughter (Becky) and I attended last year, and we had a blast. It made such an impression on her that she applied to RIT, and will be joining you this Fall as a freshman! (She also will be participating in the Summer Research program, so please say hello if you see her!)

    If a student is even remotely interested in RIT, he or she must attend College and Careers weekend.
  • Clarissa Baston

    Clarissa Baston

    19 May 2009 at 11:44 |
    That is awesome! I know a few of the Ambassadors here in the Admissions office participated in it as well and they had a blast and obviously loved it so much that they got a job here so they can experience it over and over again!

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