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Tiger Pride!

Danielle Nutter on Tuesday, 15 April 2014. Posted in Athletics, Student Life

If you've ever been on a tour here at RIT, you know all about our Tiger Pride! Our school mascot brought a lot of attention to our school in the late '60s.  After years of being the RIT Techmen, in 1955-56 our basketball team went undefeated and the idea arose to nickname the team the Tigers.  The Tiger name associated with RIT sports really stuck and students felt that it needed to stay. So to raise Tiger Pride, students convinced student government to purchase a bengal tiger cub! SpiRIT (which stands for Student Pride In RIT) was kept at the Seneca Park Zoo in the city of Rochester and brought to campus for sporting events.


After a year in the spotlight, SpiRIT was diagnosed with calcium deficiency. It was a sad day on campus as students read the Reporter (our weekly campus magazine) and learned of the news that he was put down. Although he had a short life, students on campus were determined to keep SpiRIT pride alive on campus, later acquiring SpiRIT II. Today we continue to keep SpiRIT I and II in our minds as we cheer on our RIT Tigers!

Picture provided by the Wallace Library.