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Time Flies

Patricia Schiotis on Thursday, 02 August 2012. Posted in Co-op

It’s hard to believe that I have only two weeks left at work, and that my time at GE Aviation is coming to an end.  This summer has definitely been such an amazing learning experience, from my work to all the new adventures in the Nati area.   Hopefully this will be a stepping stone to how my last year at RIT will end which brings another reality, graduating and getting a big girl job.

This past week, I have spent time preparing for my interview with GE Healthcare for their Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP).  When I started my co-op at GE Aviation, I was by no means ready to start interviewing for full time jobs.  Quite frankly, I didn’t even start to thinking about my future.  I kept telling myself to enjoy the summer and then at the end I could go into hardcore application mode.  But now that I have this opportunity, I do not want to miss out.  This leadership program is exactly what I am looking for after graduation, especially with the manufacturing roles.  I am really enjoying my time at GE Aviation, but my dream job is to work in quality for medical devices, a tad different from the aviation business.  But luckily GE has a variety of businesses so I had the opportunity to apply for OMLP through healthcare rather than aviation.

Besides worrying about my future plans, I have spent my time exploring more of what Cincinnati has to offer.  Last Friday, my office volunteered at an event called “Fun to be Fit” which was another event-style program for kids of Cincinnati to participate in.  I worked a station with my 3 fellow co-ops, and I was still amazed how much energy kids have.  There was no way I could keep up with them, also showing my need to hit the gym and not be so out of shape.

The volunteer event was also a good start for my Olympics motivation.  Obviously, I am a HUGE #TeamUSA fan, watching as many Olympics highlights as possibly at work.  I am amazed at how talented the athletes are, I am always in shock at the new world records, the routines, and the perseverance shown by all the athletes.

Last weekend I also finally made a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo!  Personally, I am a big zoo fan and LOVE seeing animals and creatures from all over the world!  The Cincinnati zoo was huge, lots of walking around, and we spent a solid three and a half hours there.  One of my favorite exhibits to visit was the Cat Canyon, which just opened up this summer.  Literally a wall of glass separated us from the tigers!  Obviously, being from RIT, I am clearly obsessed with tigers!  RITchie would have loved to hang out with the giant cats, I think next time he should road trip to Cincinnati with me?  I also enjoyed seeing the lions, which appeared to be dead asleep on the beautiful Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday, I finally was able to go to my friend Kira’s apartment complex’s pool, which seems to be the only water in the Cincinnati area.  That is one downfall to Cincinnati, the lack of lakes.  Out here there is basically only the Ohio River, which separates Ohio from Kentucky.  However, you can actually see a perfect view of the Ohio River from Paulina’s new apartment!
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After all my adventures and preparations, there is one thing I know; I need to enjoy my last few weeks in Cincinnati and my last year of college.  The real world is approaching WAY too quickly and my life as a kid will be over, which is a scary feeling.  Hopefully after this year, I will have landed my dream job and will be ready to officially grow up and start applying my newly achieved college degree in engineering to a manufacturing job.