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Time Management & Spring Quarter

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 11 March 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Coursework, Student Life

After eighteen and a half years of living, I’ve determined that I function best when busy.  If I schedule almost every minute of my life, it is somehow less stressful; however, for obvious reasons this technique does not work for everyone.

This week marks the beginning of spring quarter! It’s rather hard to believe that I’m already a third quarter freshman. I remember it was about this time last year I had set up a nifty countdown to the Accepted Students Open House on my computer desktop.

Somehow my schedule just worked out this quarter so that I’m taking 19 credits. For those who may not know, the typical credit load astudent will take is around 15 credits (12 being the minimum requirement and 18 being the max). It may sound crazy, but I’m loving it so far. You might want to ask me again when it’s no longer week one though… 

Freshman art and design majors take “core” art classes:drawing, 3D design and 2D design. These courses are each 3 credits and meet twice a week for 3 hours each. This quarter, since I’m a graphic design major, I’m taking Elements of Graphic Design instead of 2D because is basically acourse that combines our knowledge from 2D and computer classes (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop). I’ll try not to get too technical here. Anyway, on top of those three studio classes, I’m taking Intro to Psychology, Intro to Philosophy and Vector Imaging (an illustrator class). Nineteen credits, as I’m finding, eats away a lot of hours of my day—go figure.  Not that I didn’t like my classes in previous quarters, but this is the first quarter that I’ve been super excited for classes to start. I haven’t even had my first psychology class yet and I’ve already finished the first two chapters, which, as it turns out, are really interesting. In fact, I'm actually considering minoring in Psychology. In all of my studio classes we’ve already jumped right into thefirst projects. The nice thing about the studio classes is that we have them fall, winter and spring quarter all with the same professor and classmates so it's just a continuation of topics we've been covering previously. Throughout all of my classes, it looks like the focus is more on drawing inspiration from historical art references. I'll have to post some pictures in the future as I finish projects! 

On top of classes, I’m working in admissions, going to the gym (yay for finally convincing myself to go!) and becoming increasingly more obsessed with hockey (I’ve been told I need to find a support group for this obsession Wink). 

I should probably finish up some homework and get to bed by a reasonable hour. Tomorrow is my long day for classes (8 am until 10 pm with only two breaks -- one hour each at 11am and 5pm). We'll see how that goes! Note to Parents (and others): Despite what you may hear, some college kids go to bed at a reasonable hour and get that recommended 8 hours of sleep! Last night I was in bed by 11:00 pm... It's all about time management!