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To Do Homework or Not To Do Homework?

Emily Okey on Sunday, 28 December 2008. Posted in Academic Calendar

I can’t speak for other colleges, but here at RIT we have four breaks.

The first is the most common: coffee breaks. This is a much-needed break for all college students in the midst of classes and piles of homework. While some choose to take it literally and go out for a cup of coffee, others prefer to fritter their time away on facebook or IM. Either way,these breaks are well deserved and are a frequent occurrence in the daily agendas of a college student.

The second, more long term, is winter break. This break, encompassing most winter holidays, falls at the end of December usually around the 20th(give or take a few days).  It is long enough to both completely relax and forget that you even go to school, which poses a potential problem depending on which way you think about it. While it is nice to be able to have two full weeks off from academic classes there is still the burden of homework. Since RIT is on the quarter system, we begin the first three weeks of our second quarter right after Thanksgiving break and before winter break. This means, when we go home.. the work comes with us. There is still plenty of time for fun shenanigans to ensue but there comes a time –aka moment of brief panic-- that you finally have to buckle down and get to work.

The third break: Thanksgiving break. Due to the genius of the quarter system we get a whopping two weeks devoid of any of academic work. Of course, this is immediately following finals for the first quarter, so there is the whole week of studying beforehand but it’s certainly nice to not have to think about anything for the entire break. It leaves a surprisingly vast amount of time to sit around and eat lots of pie to gain the rest of that freshman fifteen if you haven’t already (just kidding J). Spring break also falls in this category since it falls at the end of a quarter-- no homework!! 

The fourth and final break is summer. Seeing that I am just a freshman I can’t really say much about it since I have yet to experience it first-hand but I’m assuming that it is a spectacularly large chunk of time off much similar to previous years of schooling.  

 Note: Homework is not as bad as I might have made it sound. Sure it's time consuming and not always highest on the list of fun things to do but if you're in a major that you really enjoy (like art!) it can be fun sometimes.