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Tokyo Hotels Suck

Joe Conley on Wednesday, 30 July 2008. Posted in Study Abroad

Tonight is the last night we're spending in Tokyo before heading to the airport. In the morning, I went to Starbucks, and then to Ginza one more time. At Ginza, I went to the music store we visited the first time we were in Tokyo before the KIT program. Then I went to the Apple store. They have about 14 or 15 iPhones on display, but they actually don't sell them at the Apple store because I think you need to buy a plan from SoftBank, the cell phone service company that Apple partnered with in Japan.

Later, I went back to Shibuya because that area seemed pretty interesting since it was such a young crowd. I walked around and visited a Tower Records, which I think might be out of business in the US now. The prices weren't too bad. I bought a really weird Japanese DVD. Then I looked for some lunch.

The place I went to for lunch had some pictures of food outside, and one disk appeared to be sliced avacado in a bowl of baked beans, which looked interesting, so I decided to try this place. When I went in, that item was nowhere to be found on the menu, but they had a lot of other tasty looking food, including cheese fries. But the waitress came over and told me that almost all of the food section was dinnertime only, so I asked her what of the lunch time menu I could eat without meat or fish. She said I could get a usual lunch set and they could just not put in any meat. They did. but the meal I got wasn't my favorite. The rice had sesame seeds in it, which isn't my favorite, and there was some watery vegetable dish that served in raw egg, and it was hard to stomach.

Since my 4 year old iPod had a hard drive problem the other day, I was considering looking for an iPhone in Japan since I wanted to buy when when I got home anyway, and I could really use something for music on the plane. I actually found a SoftBank store in Shibuya that had 1 8GB iPhone, but I was looking for the 16GB. I also tried a Bic Camera shop in Shinjuku but they had none at all.

Afterwards, I went back to the hotel, and me and Xander sat in the hotel lobby for awhile using the internet. The hotel family came in and ate dinner. We had been talking with them a lot lately, and it was their daughter's birthday today. It was Xander's yesterday and mine last Sunday, and when we told them that yesterday, they gave us some small gifts. Then Xander returned the favor by buying their daughter something small. After their dinner, they had birthday cake, and they gave us both a slice too, it was very tasty.

That night, when we were packing up our stuff, Xander felt a cockroach crawling on his leg and was pretty startled. It wasn't the first I saw in the room, I found one the other day in the bathtub and washed it down the drain, but I didn't tell Xander because I figured he'd be able to sleep better not knowing, so this is the first he had seen any. Since the room was a tatami one with Japanese futon beds on the ground, it was a little more disconcerting. Then when I tried to resume packing, I found another cockroach in my clothes in the corner.

After that, Xander went to the front desk to complain. I wasn't there, but from what Xander told me. the owner of the hotel's first reaction was to offer a can of bug spray. Eventually, the guy offered a different room that came with beds, but Xander still felt we were entitled to some type of refund, but the owner said that wouldn't be possible. Later we also found one of the empty bags we left in the room that was full of someone else's hair and toilet paper, and for the life of us we couldn't figure out how that happened. A mouse? We don't know.