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Top 5 RIT Myths, Busted

Kevin Granger on Thursday, 30 September 2010. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

Coming to RIT for the second time at move-in (my only other time was during an open house), I was a little scared. I had heard a lot of rumors about this school, but I knew to take it as hearsay and experience it all myself. It definitely was the right decision to make.

1. The only sports at this school are World of Warcraft marathons.

Not true! (Although I’m sure there’s plenty of WoW to go around.) Didn’t you know that RIT has an NCAA Division I Hockey Team? I’ve been told that even if you don’t like hockey already, you will once you’ve been here for a while.

There’s also Men’s Baseball, Basketball, Crew (rowing), Cross Country, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Track & Field, and Wrestling. For Women’s Sports, we’ve got Basketball, Cheerleading, Crew, Cross Country, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Track & Field, and Volleyball. These are all Division III.

The RIT Tigers during the RIT vs. Mercyhurst game. Hockey is definitely our biggest sport.

The RIT Tigers at their match vs. Mercyhurst. Photo Credit: Emily Okey.

If “official” sports aren’t your thing, there’s also a great amount of intramural sports available. What’s our most popular offering? Guess.

That’s right, it’s dodgeball. There’s also ultimate frisbee (it wouldn’t be college without it!), basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball, softball, flag football, tennis, table tennis, badminton, and raquetball. (For more information about intramurals, visit the CIAR site.)

You can also join an athletic-minded club, such as gymnastics, breakdancing, martial arts, or cycling. These clubs also range from archery to weightlifting, from fencing to disc golf! Can’t find one you like? Start your own! (For a full list of athletic clubs, visit the Center for Campus Life site, sports section.)

Want more information about RIT sports? Follow @RITsports on twitter.

2. It’s cold. Too cold.

Well, it’s Rochester. It can be cold. But I was also shocked when I came here how sweatingly *hot* it got during the first few weeks! The fall also isn’t so bad. According to my chemistry professor, the Genesee river absorbs heat during the summer and gives it off during autumn, so the cold is staved off temporarily.

There’s also a really nice tunnel system under the academic side and the residential side. So far, the tunnels have been cool in the heat and warm in the cold. They’re like the little bear in Goldilocks -- everything’s just right.

Just ask Emily, she'll tell you how hot it can get sometimes.

3. There’s nothing to do around here! There’s no social life!

I’m pretty sure anyone who says this doesn’t actually go to RIT. In my first week here, I was absolutely bombarded by the amount of events! As you walk down the quarter mile, or see any message board, you’ll see it absolutely plastered in fliers for upcoming events, whether it’s a party, gaming event, job offer, guest speaker, free drama show, free movie... you name it, it’s happening sometime during the week. (I can personally say that I barely used any meal options during my first few weeks, only because there was always so much free food at events!)

There are also countless clubs and organizations that can fit your interests. Anything from learning to play Go (Empty Sky Go Club) to fight-dancing (Capoeira Mandinga ), from off-road racing (Mini-Baja Club) to tabletop gaming (Rochester Wargamer Association Guild). And once again, if you can’t find one you like, you can start your own! (For more club listings, visit the Center for Campus Life site.)

A typical SPS meeting, complete with Steve's orange juice.

A typical Society of Physics Students meeting. Photo Credit: Kevin Granger

Another prime example would be the Brick City Homecoming & Family Weekend. We’ve got Al Pacino and Craig Ferguson coming! And Bob Dylan is coming November 6th!

Trust me when I say: if you’re bored here, you’re doing something wrong. My Discovery (also known to some as First-Year Enrichment) coach/teacher even warned us not to get too caught up in all of the things to do around campus and start ignoring our studies! He called the phenomenon “Club Ed.”

4. There aren’t any girls here.

Just look at the student ambassadors, a great deal of them are female! There’s definitely no shortage of girls here. Look around, and you’ll see a lot of sororities. My floor is even mostly female!

5. You need a car.

There are excellent bike paths around campus (which are even being improved upon as I write this). If you need to get in to town, there is a shuttle system which is free on weekends, and only $1 per ride at all other times.
The shuttle system also operates near campus (to get to Barnes & Noble, RIT apartments, and other close-by areas), and is free. Just this past weekend, I took the shuttle to Wegman’s and made a massive grocery run (what can I say? They give free coupons to RIT students.)

I hope I’ve convinced you that you can’t believe everything everyone says about RIT. This school is just amazing, and if someone’s badmouthing it, they’re probably from some school who’s still bitter about the last time we dominated them in hockey.