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Top Five

Clarissa Baston on Tuesday, 28 April 2009. Posted in Student Life

On Facebook lately, I've noticed a lot of people listing their "Top 5" favorite things, ranging from food, movies, and sports.  So I decided to borrow that idea and list some of my Top 5s because I know move-in day is slowing creeping its way and I just wanted to give a little insight to eveyone who is new to Rochester.  I know during my freshmen year, I pretty much stayed on campus, which is fine, but I'm in my third year now and have found my own little spots that I wish that I had found earlier!  So here it goes!!!

Clarissa's Top 5 Favorite Places to Eat Off-Campus:

5.  Jay's Diner- It's about 5-8 minutes away from campus and is an RIT favorite, especially when you're craving a giant stack of banana pancakes at 10 o' clock at night.  It's a pretty big place and has an old 50s feel.  They are open 24/7 and serve breakfast all the time!  But don't limit yourself to bacon and sausage...they have really good lunches and dinners as well.  I <3 their french fries. 

4.  China Buffet- This place is down the street from campus.  It's about 5 minutes away (depending how fast you drive.)  It's pretty much an all you can eat buffet and their prices are pretty cheap too!  You have your choice of Chinese food, pizza, fries, sushi, and my personal favorite....fried chicken wings.  They have everything for everyone, especially for those who are on the picky side. 

3.  Bazil's -This restaurant is a little further from campus, about 10-12 minutes away.  It's an Italian restaurant and their major selling point is that with certain dishes (which is a lot of 'em) you can get a seconds...or thirds...or even fourths!!!  I never actually reached the feat of ordering seconds, but nonetheless the food is really good.  There is also a special section where you can create your own pasta dish.  I usually get the penne pasta with vodka sauce and shrimp.  My stomach is grumbling the more I think about it!

2.  SEA Restaurant- Now if there are two things that I love it's Vietnamese food and cheap Vietnamese food!  I recently discovered this little gem with my boyfriend and the food is awesome!  Again it's a little far from takes about 15-20 minute to get there.  Its located on Monroe Ave, which has a lot of cute little shops to check out as well.  Anyways, SEA Restaurant is known for their Pho, which is a Vietnamese soup full of noodles, veggies, and your choice of meat or seafood.  And it's not your wimpy soup either!  You get a giant bowl that you probably won't finish, but you only pay a little over $6 for it!  So if you love Vietnamese food like I do or if you want to try something new...this is the place for you!

1.  Seoul Garden - I've probably gone to this place 2 dozen's that good.  It's a Korean restaurant just 5-7 minutes away from RIT.  If you've never had Korean food before, you definitely should because it's awesome...espeically if you like spicy food.  But you are just testing the waters you should absolutely order the Bulgogi.  It's Korean BBQ served with rice and lettuce and various other fixings.  It's super yummy!!!!  And the service is fast too...and another great place to check out if you wanna be adventurous.  I remember wanting something different so I ordered a fish dish and went it came out it was a whole fried fish with the head and all!  Being filipino, I'm totally used to this, but my boyfriend was a little taken back when he saw the little fish eyes staring at him...

So that's my top 5 places to eat off campus...I hope to see some of you at some of these places.  And remember...just cuz you're in college doesn't mean you only eat Ramen and Pizza...explore your never know what you're going to find!!!