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Toronto and Niagara Falls!

Cory Gregory on Wednesday, 09 May 2007.

Two weeks ago, I went to Toronto on an Art House trip. Every year Art House takes a trip to Toronto to get away from school and work for a couple days. We left pretty late on Friday night so by the time we got there, we all wanted to sleep. But Saturday was our day to explore. We ate breakfast at this place down the street from the hotel called "Egg-spectations". They had some interesting things on the menu, but all the food was really good. I spent the majority of the day wandering around the area with a group of my friends. We shopped and explored the city. The area we were in really reminded me of New York City. Later on, we ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, which is one of my favorite restaurants.

Sunday morning, we woke up pretty early and decided to stop in Niagara Falls on the way home. I've been to Niagara Falls once before, but it was when I was pretty young. Everything in Niagara Falls was so beautiful. There was a casino down the street and an amusement park not too far away either. There were many well-known restaurants such as the Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood. It was such an exciting place to be. Here's a couple pictures from the Niagara Falls portion of our trip:



A couple of the other e-board members and I were talking about moving the trip to Niagara Falls next year instead of going to Toronto. It is a couple hours closer and there is a lot more to do in the area. We'll see what happens though. This past weekend, I painted a Special Interest House mural in the tunnels with some other members of Art House. It was finished a couple days ago and it came out really good. I'll have some pictures up next post!