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Touch Someone's Heart With Design

Emily Okey on Monday, 05 October 2009. Posted in Coursework

For the past few weeks in my Typography class we’ve been working on a project called Touch Someone’s Heart with Design a challenge given by a famous graphic designer, Stefan Sagmeister. We were teamed up with a freshman in a 3d class to work on and act as a mentor for them. Wehad to come up with a concept and a target audience and had only about 2 weeks to work on it. My partner and I decided that our target audience would be the coffee drinkers at Artisano’s (the newest coffee spot on campus).  After a few different ideas, we finally decided to write people’s wishes on coffee collars they were then invited to post their wish on a poster that was in a central location. It was really neat to watch because we stood off to the side and watched as people interacted with the poster and each other. Some people ignored the poster completely while others were looking around for us to see if they could write more than one. We even had someone ask if they were guaranteed to have their wish come true which was pretty fun-- and the answer was, no we can't. 














Stefan Sagmeister is quite possibly the coolest person ever. If you haven’t heard of him already, you should google his name and check it out. Totally worth it. He has an absolutely ridiculous creativity and way of thinking about things. It was pretty neat watching hundreds of people flood out of the auditorium all talking about how they were inspired by him. 

The Touch Someone's Heart with Design is a challenge that he has issued to many students and the results are really varied. As long as you're googling his name, try "touch someone's heart with design" you'll get to see some of the examples. As for our campus, the projects were very diverse. Some people put up large encouraging posters to motivate other students, others made posters for a specific group of students thanking them for their service, some people made installation pieces that were meant for humor purposes only and others dressed up professors offices as a token of their appreciation. That doesn't even begin to cover all of the projects, if I can get a hold of some of the pictures I'll put them up. Some of the other CIAS (college of imaging arts and science) bloggers will post likely be blogging about their take on the whole project.