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Lizz Sawyer on Tuesday, 13 May 2014.

I am a transfer student to RIT from Utah State University. There are actually a lot of students here who transferred from another institution. RIT makes the process of transferring extremely easy, which definitely helps because sometimes it can be a hard decision to make! I am definitely glad that I transferred, though.


My first school was a state school, while RIT is a private university. The adjustment was easy but a few things were different. My classes at Utah were large - the largest being about 900 students in an auditorium, so obviously the professor doesn't know you. At first I thought I would love that (I could get away with more) but I realized very quickly that I wanted a one-on-one experience with professors so I could learn more and be more hands-on. There was only one class where the professor become a friend in Utah. At RIT, every professor I have or had still knows me and many I still keep in contact with. This has been great because they have become friends to me and can teach me things that they have learned. 


I started at Utah as a freshman and lived in the dorms right away. That definitely helped me meet a lot of people so when I transferred to RIT, I was nervous that I wouldn't meet many people. I was WRONG! Being in a major that requires a lot of communication has brought me to meet many great friends. General education classes helped me meet people in other majors who have become best friends too. I can walk around campus and say hello to a lot of people, just like I did in Utah. RIT is a really friendly campus and puts on a lot of events so you can also meet a lot of people that way, too.


We have a transfer orientation!!! There are so many schools out there that do nothing for their transfer students, but RIT helps you every step of the way. When I got to campus I participated in the transfer orientation and met my best friend and roommate there, as well as a great group of friends. If you did not apply for housing in time, RIT houses you at the RIT Inn & Conference Center. It is essentially an off-campus residence hall but you get your room cleaned and there is a that's always a plus! You won't be forced to find your own living and fend for yourself.  The Inn has bus transportation or you can get a commuter pass if you have a car. A lot of options and conveniences for transfers!


I was also nervous that the sports would be lacking, coming from a big football and basketball school. But nope, hockey (which I never watched before) became my favorite event to attend, plus it also happens to be D1. Sports are a big part of campus here too which I wasn't aware of before I came here, so if that's something you're into, we definitely have it. 


Overall the process of applying was easy. I made a last minute decision to transfer and the admissions counselors were extremely helpful. RIT has rolling admissions for transfer students, which saved my life. The best advice I can give to someone who is THINKING about transferring is to just take some time to yourself and decide where you see yourself three months from now, a year from now, and five years from now. Then figure out what will be the best path to get you to that place in five years. And my advice for those who have already decided to transfer here, don't stress out! There are so many great people here to meet and great things to learn.