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Trip to Sapporo

Joe Conley on Tuesday, 22 July 2008. Posted in Study Abroad

Today is our last day in Yokohama for now. After I did a wash and gathered all my stuff, we checked out of the hostel, and took the train to Ueno, where our train to Sapporo would depart from later in the day.

There, I went to the starbucks near the train station, and then we wandered around shopping until it was closer to the time for the train. I found one neat department store that actually had some reasonable prices. Compared to the usual department stores, it had a pretty sloppy layout, but it was actually affordable also.

When I got hungry, I had a hard time finding a place that served something without meat or fish. The place I ended up in I thought appeared to have vegetable tempura, but when I got in there the lady said everything had meat or fish. I ordered some rice, and she suggested an egg with it. So I got a small bowl of rice, and a raw egg in a bowl. I asked her if I could get the egg cooked, but she said I should mix some soy sauce in with the egg, and then pour it on the rice. It wasn't too bad like that.

When we got back to the station, we looked at the ticket again, and our train was 2 hrs later than we thought. So we waited inside the train station for that time, but there were a lot of stores inside.

There was also a model of what the sleeper cars looked like, or at least the luxury ones I guess:

Sleeper car

Ours wasn't that nice. We boarded the train around 7PM, and then rode through the night. We tried to get dinner on the train, but the dining car kept being full. I mostly just slept and listened to my iPod.