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Tutoring?!!? YES PLEASE!!!

Sabrina Soares-Kern on Wednesday, 27 October 2010. Posted in Advising & Support, Coursework

            I don’t know about you, but math has never been my strongest subject in school…and as a science major making sure I grasp all those wild concepts calculus sends my way is impetrative to my degree.  

            Now despite my choice to major in biochemistry I’m generally more right brain oriented :/ leaving my math skills sub par. So luckily for me RIT offers a wide variety of academic support that’s open and free to all RIT students as well as cross-registered NTID students. The Academic Support Center or ASC offers classes, workshops and tutoring for every college on campus all conveniently located.  In my case Bates Study Center located on the first floor of the Thomas Gosnell Hall (previously Building 08) is where I get the majority of my academic support.

            Both Bates Study Center and Sol Study Center, located on the dorm side of campus, offer free drop-in tutoring for math and physics as well special interest study groups that meet before exams (normally hosted by the class or lab’s T.A.). It’s also great when you just can’t seem to understand what you did wrong on homeworks, quizzes or tests and your professors aren’t available or you’re not comfortable speaking with them.

            For me personally though, the best part about these study centers is that I’ve never felt silly asking for help. There’s always other students in the room and everyone is asking questions, many of which I was too embarrassed to ask myself.  If you notice in the picture I took below I’m one of about 30 people who dropped in fortutoring... and that’s just right now! 


Check out the Tutor Schedule for a complete list of times and available tutoring.      

Bates Study Center