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Amanda Lasicki on Tuesday, 13 June 2006.

i don't know if i've mentioned this yet, but i am unemployed this summer. contrary to popular belief, this is a bad thing. it's common knowledge that college isn't exactly cheap, and being a photo major i'm usually spending money on this and that. so i kind of need a job. not to mention, here at home i'm paying for things i don't at school. like gas, food, my $20 round trip tickets to new york. more gas.

and why don't i have a job? it's not like i'm lazy. during spring break i applied at seven places. i was hired by one. they told me to call them when i was back in town. i did. they said they didn't need me. so i applied at eleven more places. nobody wants seasonal kids. this blows. why take an 18 year old that can only work a few months when there's some spoiled brat who just turned 16 and needs some minimum wage job to support their text messaging addiction and will still be here come september.

i really do want a job. i'm really bored. i just sit around here and read and play with the dog. i can't even run anymore cause i hurt my knee. there's nothing left to unpack. my mom said i can't rearrange anymore furniture. there's only so many surveys on myspace i can take.

i need a job. i need something to do tomorrow. i'm hungry.