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Wake-Up Walks: The Best Homework Break

Amanda Barton on Monday, 19 May 2014.

What should you do if you really need to finish an assignment, but you can't focus your thoughts? What should you do if you feel too cooped up and just need a breath of fresh air? What should you do for some light exercise in your day?

Answer - Go for a walk! Honestly, there times where one just needs to get up and go for a walk. Walks clear your head and help you focus. A lot of the time they help you settle your thoughts by just taking a moment to step out of your headspace and enjoy your surroundings.

The RIT campus has some really scenic things that you sometimes don't notice if you are hurrying by, but a relaxed walk around can introduce you to some of the beauty. Even if you are not at RIT, a walk is still a good idea. My current roommate at RIT Croatia goes for a walk around Dubrovnik every night (it's very safe here, I promise) and she comes back more awake and alert after those walks. There is also usually a smile on her face when she returns, even if she left in an unsettled state.

Personally, I also like to go for walks every now and again. I listen to music and just let my surrounds calm my mind. It is a very peaceful experience that I recommend to everyone, especially when you just want to tear your hair out because of a school assignment.

Oh, and if it's cold outside - make sure you put on a warm jacket... Or you can walk around in a building or possibly even through the tunnels at RIT.

My point is that sometimes you just need to take a step away and the best way to do so is to literally take a step away. And another. And another. And another, until you are walking right out the door.