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Ways to Procrastinate in College

Patricia Schiotis on Wednesday, 07 November 2012. Posted in Coursework

Patsy’s Procrastination Habits: A list of way’s I put off all the homework and studying I should be doing.

  1. Facebook Researching: I think the title explains enough.
  2. Tweet Creeping:  Twitter is the new facebook.  Usually I just read over past things in my news feed, but then I open all the news stories to keep up on current events.  Then I go through the sports team I follow (Yankees and NY Giants). From there, I go to the “Discover tab” and read through all the stories on there.  Oh, I also like to tweet. A lot.
  3. Instagram: Instagram is twitter with pictures.  I love pictures so this is equally addicting.
  4. Harry Potter: If you know me at all, I am a potterhead.  This week- I have watched a movie a night instead of doing my homework.  It is supposed to be my background music, but let’s be real- I only just watch the movie.
  5. Bubblemania: Bubblemania is this amazingly additing app for the iPhone.  Basically, it’s snood.  And your goal is to save the babies.  Trust me people, I cannot stop playing.  I have beat all the current rounds, but then I cannot stop so I go back and try and get 3 stars on each level.image
  6. Internet Surfing: Some of my search topics this week included-
    1. Taylor Swift’s Red tour dates (nope, no locations near me)
    2. Information on hurricane patty, since I saw it on the 2012 hurricane list. And no, it was not as big as Sandy, didn’t even make landfall. DISCLAIMER. My name is spelled Pattie with an IE not a y.
    3. The lyrics to “Ms. New Booty” Why? Someone in my class said “meet me over yander” when we were arranging our meeting locations.  So instantly, I got that song stuck in my head.
    4. Old reporter magazine articles, mostly for the rings sections.
    5. The history of the buffalo bills, since I went to my first game last weekend and I am a giants fan so wanted to understand the team.
  7. Fixing Emily’s Zubaz: I am currently at my friend Emily’s apartment and since her tie in her Zubaz came out, I obviously offered to fix them instead of doing my homework.  For those of you who do not know the buffalo bills- zubaz are their crazy pajama-like pants that fans wear.photo_1
  8. Christmas present brain storming: I love giving presents so I have already started my lists of everything I am getting.  I would tell you my thoughts, but they will likely read this blog.
  9. Facetime with my Twin: No judgment allowed- but her bunny is the cutest thing ever.  His name is Malfoy, and I am obsessed.image
  10. Sleeping: I love sleep, especially when I have a long to-do list.  I always think I will be less stressed when I wake, usually I hit the snooze a few times, lay in bed for a little longer.  Really, I am just lazy.
  11. Online shopping: Getting the packages are like Christmas, and I love Christmas.
  12. Writing this blog.

Here are some other procrastination suggestions, I do not follow them but tons of my friends use them.

  1. Pinterest
  2. Stumpleupon
  3. Reddit
  4. Cleaning
  5. Go for a walk and get coffee (Shout out to Javas!)
  6. Go to the gym (I should do this, but please see habit #10)
  7. Painting your nails (I used to do this all the time, just ask @RIT_Alissa)

And now let’s hope I study.