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wednesday nights always seem really long.

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 25 January 2006. Posted in Residence Life

my roommate and i are trying to decide where to live next year. pam pam's real set on getting an apartment but i don't know. i wouldn't mind staying in the dorms. they're nice. real social and fun. we really really really want a spot in UC [university commons] but those are impossible to come by unless you know someone and since the renewal deadline is drawing near, it's not like we're gonna find one. pam pam's older sister found us a spot in perkins but my mom's all bugging about me having to get my own furniture for an apartment. gee, what did she think i was gonna do when i got older? silly mothers.

guess what? it snowed today. and it's snowing now. yippee skippee!!

i got real mail today. you know, in my mailbox. not a flyer from domino's either. it's a rare event. in fact, i think this is the third time it's happened all year. i got one letter from mare in like...october. then one from ange a week later. and now i just got another from ange. except i knew it was coming so it wasn't all that exciting. BUUTTTTTTT i got a letter from one of my bestest filled with pictures and news and a scratch and sniff sticker. she said that she might come visit again and i am super excited. she's come up twice this year already, the first time by herself and the second time with the entire crew.

six pack!

well, i guess it's time to go do some homework.

ps - that picture of me on the main page is GROSS.