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week nine '06

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 01 November 2006. Posted in Academic Calendar

normally week nine is a very common time to flip out here at RIT. the quarter is ending, people are realizing they're not where they need to be on their final projects, there's some major holiday, i find some crazy reason that i need to go home...oh week nine.

so far. i'm fine. the quarter's ending. i feel perfectly fine about my final project for photo. i have a paper i need to write for psych. i really don't want to do it. but i'm not panicking. in fact, i'll save the panicking for next week. when it's due. and i still have nothing. at this point, i'm not sure what it's on and it's due in a week from tomorrow. whoops.

yesterday was halloween. and by yesterday was halloween, i mean the college kids have been celebrating halloween since last thursday. you can't really yell at us for starting early though since wegman's had christmas trees out like two weeks ago. last night i went to walmart and they had cleared the halloween shelves and were stacking them with christmas goodies. lame. anywho. for halloween, i was a dinosaur. i had a tail and everything. one of my friends was ronald reagan, a bunch of my friends dressed up as the teams from legends of the hidden temple. other costumes i saw included a bunch of steve irwins [some with sting rays coming out of them, others with just blood on the shirt], priests, borats. lots of them. i think thats it for the super common costume. but halloween was a ton of fun and i enjoyed dressing up for the first time in like...ten years. actually, more.

and what would be a quarter without me going home at a crucial time?? tomorrow at two, i'm leaving for home. a friend and i are driving down thursday afternoon/night, going to my house to see my puppy, going out to dinner with some friends, staying at elena and ange's for the night, taking the train into the city on friday, going to PHOTO EXPO, seeing the DECEMBERISTS live in concert at hammerstein ballroom, taking the train back home, back to elena's, hanging out in NF saturday, driving back here sunday morning so i can perform in the RIT singers concert. what a fun filled weekend!!

oh and one last note: when doing photo projects, i love sending them to my non-photo friends to get input. they tend to tell me what i need to fix in such a simpler way that my professors or classmates would.