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week of AWESOME!!

Arthur Johnston on Tuesday, 12 December 2006. Posted in Coursework

It is a bit hyperbolic but this last week was pretty sweet. Since my last scintillating update the following things have happened.

1. I picked up a 2 credit independant study in wind power. I get to work with a turbine and collect data with an anemometer. The coolest part though is I get to provide some IT support for the project and if we have time a cost benefit analysis.

2. In my Genetic Algorithm class we were told to pick a problem and a partner to work on thoughout the quarter. My partner and must be psychic because we both wanted to work on the knapsack problem. Simply stated if you have N objects all with different weights and values, and you can only take a certain total weight, what is the optimal combination of objects to take to get the most value. It sounds simple but this is actually an insanely difficult problem to solve without going through every possible combination. If you ever want to stress your math teacher out, ask them about this problem.

3. I started talking to people about grad schools today. Although it is only the first step to maybe being called Dr. J, which would be sweet handle, it was still nice to start thinking about schools, tuition applications, etc.

So all in all on a scale from 1 to 11 I would rate this past week a 7.