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Week Of Continued Awesomeness

Jon-derek Castagno on Tuesday, 12 September 2006. Posted in Student Life

So folks as I was talking about last time how awesome my weekend was and that it was. My week has been pretty awesome also. I have a lot more homework to do that but that has only mildly affected my week. So to recap a few things we have been doing.

My roommates and I are upperclassmen in a mainly non upperclassmen floor, we all have class later in the day then the freshman because we picked our schedule. So we have been thinking and potentially acting on things to do to enjoy being on a floor with this potential. I pled the 5th as to our topics and potential actions. *wink* *wink* but in a serious note please be careful microwaving popcorn there have already been a number of close calls with the freshman burning popcorn to the point where the fire alarm almost goes off. And no one wants to be outside wearing nothing at early hours in the morning or evening.

The “G’s” and I have been continuing watching shows and movies at night, I am in class usually till around 9pm or 10pm, so after that we get dinner and hang. I have gotten them into the best show ever House MD, so every night we are watching 1 episode till they are caught up which should take most of fall quarter. I am a huge House MD fan, so this was so nice that they fell for the show.

This posts “Dotes Kick Ass Song” is definitely a program instead of a song iTunes 7. Steve Jobs and his team are hero’s. Movies from the store cover flow album, downloading hi-res album art for free. The multiple source columns are nice also, that way you don’t accidentally play videos when you just want music is really nice and the nice GUI for managing iPod’s now. I tip my hat to you all at apple

-The Coolest Dude Ever