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week one is DONE

Amanda Lasicki on Friday, 08 December 2006. Posted in Coursework

FINALLY i am writing this entry. i've been meaning to write it for a few days now, but this week has been kind of crazy. and it's only week one. that's saying something. i've already had one photo project due. i had my first photo class on tuesday, we had lab on wednesday and thats when we needed to print our image [meaning it had to have already been shot], and critique was on thursday. that's just one class. i have some hardcore reading to do for some other classes and i have to reshoot this photo project. i'm loving it though.

mmm my favorite christmas song just came on the radio.

i took my first print media course. i love it. i find it really interesting and i'm actually to relate it to a lot of other classes. i'm looking forwards to this quarter. i know it's going to be a lot of work, but i think i can handle it. [[if this was a sitcom, it would fast forwards a few weeks to me going nuts]] famous last words, right?

we had some of the fluffy white stuff last night/this morning. no, no, not down comforters. SNOWWWWWW. i love snow. if it wasn't for the bitter wind and me having to park down the street last night, i would have loved it even more. oh and they didn't plow. but. well. actually. i think they did plow and then it just snowed more after that. silly plowers. i wish i had my sled up here. in high school, from november until march i ALWAYS had my sled in my car. i didn't care that i couldn't cram as many people in, i just loved always having the sled. we had wonderful impromptu sledding events during the school day.

there was an open house today. the weather affected the attendance a bit, but i still saw quite a few people. yay open house. yay ADD. ahh time to go shoot!