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week seven

Amanda Lasicki on Sunday, 15 October 2006.

it snowed on thursday night. i know most people know that because it was all over the news. but we didn't get hit with massive amounts of snow. however, the "natives" are thinking this is gonna mean a "bad" winter. i'm freakin excited!! i love snow! [however i probably won't love it too much when i miss the bus and have to hike to school in two feet of it.]

it's sunday. my least favorite day of the week. it always has been. even when i was a kid and didn't have a ton of homework to make sunday suck, i still hated it. there was just nothing to do. and dreary sundays are the worst. i honestly feel bored sick. today seems to be one of those. it's cloudy and blah out. it's not so great inside either. my house just isn't as warm as the dorms. and the lightbulb in my lamp blew and i was a moron and forgot to pick one up at the store earlier.

i still haven't found my business card for work. one of my friends me with the email address. and i accidently x-ed out of the window. go me.

a few of my friends are RAs and their area program for this quarter was a murder mystery party, similar to clue, except we got to interact with the characters. it was a lot of fun. it was set in the 40's so a friend and i went in search of cute dresses to wear. it was pretty amazing. we managed to look for and buy dresses, plan the rest of our outfits, shower, and get ready in under an hour and a half. pretty impressive.

ignore my bad myspace-ish photography.

i'm getting so pumped for my trip home. i really miss my dog and my house and what fall is like at home. one of my friends is in "the full monty" at westconn and it's the weekend that i'm coming home. yay!! i just have to convince steve to come to that with me. oh plus every time that i listen to the new decemberists cd, i get super excited.

random sidenote: one of my friends just emailed me with the email addresses. [=

i've recently become obsessed with sudoku. i started playing randomly the other day because it was in the reporter and i was bored and now i just do it all the time. it's wonderful. maybe it will make me smart!

and one last random note: my best friend/sister/love of my life/sister from another mister/etc just cut 8 1/2 inches off her hair!! yay go ange! now we just need elena to cut hers and we'll all have short hair.