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Week Three Exams?!?!

Sabrina Soares-Kern on Tuesday, 21 September 2010. Posted in Coursework

OK! So last I checked classes had just begun, freshly printed syllabuses were distributed and the work load was, if anything, a rarely occurring minimum.
However somehow two weeks have passed and I’m faced with my first round of major exams?!?!?! 

Calculus, Biology and Chemistry.... all in one week, boy do they know how to load it on.

The bitter sweetness of the RIT’s quarter system really comes through starting about week 3; when students scramble to make study guides and flash cards, finish projects they were just assigned and add the final adjustments to their lab reports. This barely compares to the semester system, where respectively the academic year has just “begun” and new students are still getting acclimated.

For me?? Well I get through exam weeks based on two terms, the first being my parents. Yes, I said it, my Mommy and Daddy. They constantly remind me that not only was it my choice to come here knowing It was going to be difficult, but that R.I.T. accepted me for a reason and if I just set my mind to it I can succeed. [:
Now of course a little positive encouragement and reassurance goes a long way, but the second and most important term by which I get through exam weeks are... FLASH CARDS.

I never bothered to study in high school because it wasn’t necessary and coasting through came easy. But as my reoccurring theme for this post stands, R.I.T. is a college on steroids and without proper organization and sufficient time management exam weeks can be brutal.

But don’t get too discouraged! Note cards are cheap, 0.51 cents at Sol’s Underground to be exact, and will undoubtedly help you pass your exams!
Plus they make studying with a friend fun (well... as fun as studying can ever really be) and easy!