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Weekend Diner Club (Jay's Diner)

Stacy Kowsz on Sunday, 03 February 2008. Posted in Dining

We (my friends and I) are typical college kids.  It's the weekend, and therefore, we  sleep until at least noon on average, and then we wonder where half the day has gone.  The next  step is to waste another hour or two of our time eating breakfast at 1pm. 

Being poor college students, we should logically go to the grocery store and spend a few bucks to get a dozen eggs, a pound of bacon, a loaf of bread, and a bag of potatoes.  These ingredients are reasonably priced and can be converted into breakfast easily and with minimal effort or skill. 

Instead, in a great demonstration of our laziness, we usually decide to hit up the local diner.  Now we are in Rochester, NY, where there are plenty of local dining options; however, it took us until just recently in my 3rd year here to branch out and see what's around. 

I'd like to share my Weekend Diner Club experiences, as something possibly useful or inspiring.  (I would like to state up-front that I always get breakfast at diners, and therefore, my opinions and comments relating to non-breakfast are very limited.)

Diner #1:
Jay's Diner

2612 West Henrietta Road

The facts:
Open 24 hours
Closest to Campus
10% student discount (if you pay with cash)

This is the original, good ol' stand-by diner.  It's located closest to campus, and everyone knows about it.  One of the greatest plusses is that it's open 24 hours, as diners probably should be.  The food is okay.  The prices are okay.  All around, the diner is okay.  It's nothing amazing, but it definitely isn't bad.  After all, we did rely on Jay's as our sole source of diner food for our first 2 1/2 years at school.  They have a pretty normal diner menu that covers all the bases; you can get something to suit your fancy.  I'd recommend Eggs Benedict, but that's probably just because it's my staple diner meal (because it's something that I don't make at home).  The homefries don't taste like much.  The coffee is fair/average.  The waitresses are usually very good. Serivce is prompt; the restuarant is big, so there is always plenty of room for any sized party.  I like the little painted flower pots that they use to hold the cream and sugar; they have fun facts on them (e.g. A rain drop falls at 7mph), and lots of times they spell words wrong, which makes me wonder if the facts are accurate (f.y.i. I just did some quick google research and it seems that 7mph is in the range of speeds a raindrop would fall at).