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welcome to college...bring your umbrella

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 02 October 2008. Posted in Life After RIT

One of the best investments I made cost me $5. It's a handy dandy compact umbrella. It fits in every purse or tote bag I own and even fits in the water bottle pocket on my backpack. Even after three years of torture, my cheap H&M umbrella only has one broken...spoke(?). But it still works.

So why is an umbrella so nice? Well, in Rochester, it does this thing called rain. Lately, it's been doing it often. As in all day every day. Other days, you leave your dorm/apartment/house in the morning and it's all nice and sunny and once you get out of your first class, rain! So unless you like a surprise drenching, keep it in your backpack.

Being outside in the rain isn't so bad as long as you are staying dry. For one thing, it's not so hot out. Another thing is watching umbrella-less people in the rain. Like the freshman girls running around screaming. Or people who are soon-to-be umbrella-less. Like when people's umbrellas turn inside out on the quarter mile.

So come to RIT but don't forget your umbrella ella ella ay ay ay.