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Well, What a Thought!

Emma Rogers on Thursday, 24 October 2013. Posted in Innovation, The Arts

This past Sunday evening, October 20th, concluded the 2013 Thought @ Work Conference. And no- I didn't opt to be lazy by not spelling out the word "at". The crew of this conference chooses to identify and brand themselves with the @ symbol, a simple idea made into a big one as it dangles from the Booth building at the center of campus. 


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Thought @ Work  draws students and professionals (no pun intended?) from Industrial and New Media Design, Graphic Design and business backgrounds across the globe. Networking events on Friday and Saturday night at Lovin' Cup and Cure made for the perfect opportunities to create connections for future co-ops, full time positions, or just to further educate yourself on the fast paced industry. 


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Organized and created entirely by students for students, Friday through Sunday was jam packed with multiple presentations, workshops, portfolio reviews and panel discussions featuring some of the most noteworthy design professionals. I was lucky enough to attend the entrepreneurial presentation from one of our guest speakers, Industrial Design alum and national design award winner Scott Wilson. Wilson shared his experiences working for IDEO, Nike, Motorola and being the founder of MINIMAL and Lunatik. You could feel the inspiration and lightbulbs flickering on throughout Ingle Auditorium for the length of his off-the-cuff, motivational talk. Throughout the conferences during the weekend, students had the opportunity to learn from real life success stories, inspiring them to dream big and take action in their field as undergraduates. Knowing that there are no limitations to what you can accomplish may be the ultimate motivator. 

RIT is constantly brewing with innovative ideas, from the Industrial Design floor all the way to the Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entreprenurship. 




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Think you have what it takes to design and cultivate the newest items on the market? Then check out the Industrial Design program, or any of our entrepreneurship programs listed below here at RIT!

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