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Emily Okey on Sunday, 22 March 2009.

First of all, I want to welcome to anyone who is new to the blogs! I know they were mentioned several times throughout the presentations so hopefully that convinced you to come check them out.

For those who may not know, this weekend was the Accepted Students Reception in Washington, DC (and in NYC and Boston, but I wasn’t there). After class on Friday, we packed up the car and drove the 6.5 hours to Bethesda. It seemed kind of funny going “home” but not really, I’ve never stayed in a hotel so close to home. The ride down wasn’t too bad, of course, I didn’t have to drive so it didn’t take too much attention. We were also very well prepared with snacks for the road trip…they took up almost half of the backseat!  Jimmy realized that he should probably pace the snacking better because eating every 10 minutes or so for7 hours can get a bit much :). Checked into the hotel around 7:30 and got ready for dinner. The receptionist at the front desk recommended a “family owned Mexican place” which turned out to not be a family run Mexican place at all but rather a tapas bar. It didn’t really matter though because the food was excellent. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from this weekend—I guess I was so busy with everything that I kind of forgot. Oops! After dinner we headed back to the hotel and I actually got to see my parents for a little while. We only live about 30 minutes away from Bethesda and they just so happened to be in the area for a volleyball game so it worked out perfectly.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to get ready for the junior info session at 10 and the accepted students session at 2. It was a very full day of answering questions. It was especially cool to get to meet some of the people who have been reading and commenting on my blog in thepast few months :)

After the last session we piled in the car and headed back north. Got back around 11:30. Despite being ridiculously exhausted, I came back, watched a movie and hung out with a bunch of friends. Today was spent mostly catching up on homework and what not. Only have one class tomorrow so that shouldn’t be too bad. 

And of course, it wouldn’t be a post without it… hockey!  Unfortunately due to the timing of the events this weekend, I missed the last hockey game of the season. Yeah guys, that’s how much I love RIT and wanted to come talk to you all about it The Tigers had a disappointing loss to Mercyhurst Friday night. I have no idea what I’m going to do without hockey on the weekends! I have to wait all the way until October.. uhoh.....