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We’re Getting Closer…

Corinne Franklin on Wednesday, 22 April 2009. Posted in Advising & Support

With less than two weeks before May 1st many families are weighing their options. By this time you should have your college choices narrowed down to just a couple of schools.

We’re seeing a LOT of families regarding the cost of attending RIT and the financial aid programs available to help meet those costs. If you have not yet made your decision because of the cost, please let us know. Our staff of Financial Aid Counselors is available and willing to help you sort out the financial questions.


There was a great article for parents who are weighing the costs for college I see a lot of these articles geared towards families of college-bound students. But, this one gets my vote as one of the best!


Good luck to all of you as you make your admission decision! I hope that you’ll have peace of mind soon!


On a final note, I do want to introduce our staff. We have great people working in our office. Some of them are weighing the same decision options as you are.

So, this week our staff member that gets featured on my BLOG is…Troy Robinson (aka Jacques Strapp and Walter Mellon). Yep, Troy is one of our wittier staff members. He came to us from Citibank so we refer to him as the “expert” on loans! He is very knowledgeable about repayment options and consolidation. He is also a Counselor for the College of Imaging Arts and Science (CIAS). So, if he is your counselor, please don’t hesitate to contact him (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)!


Good luck as we all work our way beyond MAY 1st!