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What a Week!

Jacob Sachs on Thursday, 06 January 2011.

What a week it has been. Really what a three weeks it has been. As I sit in my house on this Thursday evening I look ahead to tomorrow with no classes and my only plans being to work for a few hours along with giving a tour.

It may seem like I have a casual weekend ahead, (especially for the fact that I got all of my homework for the weekend done!) but these weeks sure have been crazy. This includes going home and experiencing travel delays and changing connecting flights and any other problems you can think of with trying to fly home and back over the holidays. In addition catching some winter sickness when I was home and even getting snow in Nashville at home of all places. I thought going south would give me a break from the snow, but I was wrong.

And then the craziness builds even more when I came back for classes. Being on the quarter system and it being week four when I came back, I was looking at two labs due tuesday, an exam and a quiz today, and part of a lab that is due Friday morning which I got done today. Quite a bit to handle in four days, especially when I had only been healthy for a couple days.

On top of the work load I had for school this week, I got right back to the grind with the other commitments I have weekly, which to most people I can describe as a lot of meetings. I just have not had time for myself this week.

Despite this, I made it through the week and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead, maybe it will feel even more like a vacation than winter break did at home, since I won't be sick this time.

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