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What I like to term as the ABC Guide to RIT

Pooja Nanda on Tuesday, 21 August 2007. Posted in RIT Mission, Student Life

So as I was flying back to Rochester yesterday after my four-day break in Texas, I felt myself getting excited and happy at the prospect that I was going to be part of the international students orientation process this year and I could not help but think back to 3 years ago when I was a freshman myself. Going down memory lane, it struck me that I would have very much appreciated it if some of the facts of college life as perceived by students had been given to me to build my excitement before coming here. Hence, I figured, that after being here long enough, I can at least offer an ABC guide as I would like to call it. So here goes:

Attend as many classes as possibleSmile
Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream is the ideal treat on any day
Carry an umbrella or jacket at all times; weather can be unpredictable
Dorm life is the best ever
Eat healthy..keep in mind the freshman 15Tongue out
Freshman year never comes back; live it to the fullest
Gracie's can be over-indulging
Hockey games..don't miss them!!!
Ingle auditorium for a movie on Thursdays
Java Wally's...ooooohhh I can smell the lovely coffeeCool
Keep a check on your credit card expenses in general
Laundry machines are not hard to helps if you practice at home Tongue out
Marketplace Mall is a 10 minute bus ride away
Notetaking can serve to be great motivation to go to get paid!!!
Orientation week is not to be missed and spent sulking in your room due to homesickness
Procastination can prove to be bad at times
Quiznos should not become your staple diet...explore the other options too
Rock climbing on campus at the Red ain't that cool Smile
Student Life Center has something for everyone...check it out
Time-management is essential
Understand that "no" is an equally right peer pressure
Very helpful and friendly faculty
Work is not hard to find on campus at all
Xplore the campus on your own as much as possible, one tour is never enough
You can reach great heights here, as they say the sky is truly the limitSmile
Zeal and enthusiasm is all you really need to move forward

While some of the things I have mentioned are inherent attractions of RIT, many other things are general tips and pointers for successful college experiences at any campus. Some of them are from my own personal experiences while many others stem from experiences of close friends and things I observe in general around me. I sincerely hope that gives some insight into college life for everyone of you as you begin your application process.