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What to Bring : Incoming Freshman

Emily Okey on Friday, 19 August 2011. Posted in Orientation

My morning walk took me past the residential side of campus (aka the dorms). Campus is super quiet right now compared to the school year, mostly because it’s missing the 16,000 (give or take a few) that usually live here. What I did see this morning was lots of last minute construction & people running around getting the campus ready for freshman move in! My sister just moved into school for the first time this week - unfortunately failed to convince her to come to RIT-- something about us not having D1 volleyball :)

Made me think back to four years ago when I first moved my stuff onto campus - and didn’t know a single person in all of Rochester. Fast forward to today and that’s quite a bit different.. so note to freshman: enjoy your freshman year while you can it’ll fly by! 

You're all probably in the middle of putting your room in boxes & packing up for move in (unless you're waiting until the very last second).. 

So here's some friendly packing advice:

Shower Shoes-- Old flip flops, really cheap flip flops, flippers it doesn't really matter what they are but you're going to want something to wear in the shower.

Shower Tote-- This is on most people's list, however, I would like to point out that you should check and make sure it has sufficient drainage at the bottom. Mine would tend to load up with water during the shower and I would have to tip all of the contents out at the end to get the water out.

Mug-- Gracie's has tea bags and I became quite the tea drinker late at night while working on homework and it was helpful to have my own mug. On this same topic, I would recommend a travel mug of sorts. Many of the coffee places on campus will give you 10 cents off your purchase for being environmentally friendly.

Business sized envelopes-- about 5. You don't need to go out and buy a million and two of these little buggers but having a few on hand is always helpful. I didn't really send out that much mail but when I did it was nice to have a few sitting around.


Or you can check out my previous posts of things to bring here and here

And finally in non-packing related things..  some pictures of your new home! 


This is a view of Gleason (straight ahead) and the sundial down on the residential side. To the right is Grace Watson (or Gracie’s) where you’ll be eating the majority of the time freshman year. 


This is a view down the quarter mile starting right around the sundial. It will be your lovely view every morning as you walk to class.

Good luck packing! Looking forward to everyone finally being on campus again :) 

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