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What's the food like?

Carolyn Levine on Tuesday, 15 December 2009. Posted in Dining

This is a question I get a lot on my tours: "What's the food like?" It's a major concern for a lot of people. And I don't blame them. If you're going to be eating somewhere every day for the next 4 years, you want to make sure you'll have options! There are a ton of place on campus to eat. The hours they are open varies by location and all of that information is available online. You can usually find menus online as well. You can pay for meals with debit, tiger bucks, or a meal option from your meal plan, or cash. All the forms of payment are kind of confusing so I won't go into them now. Just know that you have more than one way to buy food and it'll all make sense once you get here! 

Right now, I'm eating roasted potatoes, steamed brocoli with cheddar cheese and chicken from The Commons. I eat a lot of my meals at Commons because it's close to my room and the food is pretty good. I usually get pasta toss which is basically a salad bar for pasta. There are different meats and vegetables and you pick which ones you want thrown into a pan with some pasta. I eat pasta toss probably 6 days a week. It's not the healthiest decision, but it's delicious. Tonight, instead of heading straight to the pasta corner, I decided to check out the other choices. 

I guess I'm feeling particularly healthy today because I opted for the chicken with brocoli and potatoes. A lot of freshman worry about that dreaded "Freshman 15" but there are lots of ways to avoid it. By making healthy choices in the dining hall (like chicken and vegetables instead of pasta and alfredo sauce) and going to the gym you can easily avoid gaining extra college weight.

Everyone gets sick of campus food after a while but thankfully there are A TON of restaurants right by school. A lot of them take Tiger Bucks so you don't have to pay with cash. But if you ever do need a break from RIT cuisine, don't forget about the zillion places to eat off campus!  

Well, time to go finish my diner before it gets cold! Nom nom....