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Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 26 June 2008. Posted in Residence Life

i am no longer homeless! yay! after work tuesday, i kind of just wanted to go home. not like connecticut home but just ... a place where i could go after work and it's my own space where i can relax and not have to call people asking if i can come over once i finished work each day. so after dinner tuesday i popped over to the apartment i was supposed to move in next week on and bribed my roommate to let me move in early. my roomate didn't actually accept the bribe offer because a) he's a nice person b) we've known each other since we were three. (bonus to having your roommate be your home-neighbor - when he goes home next weekend, he's gonna get some stuff i forgot!)

right now i'm living in westbrooke commons which is an apartment complex off campus but very very close. this is the second off campus place i've lived. i've also lived two places on campus and they've all had their pros and cons.

the dorms
i lived in the dorms for three quarters during my freshman year. all freshmen are required to live in the dorms unless you live close to school (within 30 miles) and with your parents.
the pros? the dorms are the closet you can get to your classes. there are always people around - great for when you get bored. food/laundry/mail is just a quick walk in a tunnel so you don't have to go out in inclement weather. the rooms are furnished so you don't have to bring too much stuff with you.
the cons? the dorms are the most expensive way to go. dorms don't have kitchens so you have to have a meal plan. however, you can have a mini fridge in your room and each floor has a microwave so it's not like you ALWAYS have to trek to gracie's or commons to eat. you also have to have a roommate...sometimes two. i didn't mind sharing too much, but there were some people that did. also, everybody just wants a little "me" time now and then which is hard when your roommate has every right to be's his/her room too. besides your roommate...there's always people around. yes, i listed it as a pro earlier but that's for when you're bored. for when you're trying to get stuff done...not so much.
basically, the dorms are inevitable at some point in your college career. however, once you get past your freshman year, it's your choice whether or not you want to stay there.


colony manor
i lived in colony manor for six quarters, so i am quite familiar with it. colony manor is an apartment complex of 1 - 2 bedroom apartments and 2 - 3 bedroom townhomes. i lived in a townhouse which had a TON of space.
the pros? one of the cheaper options through RIT housing. pretty close to campus. you can definitely bike or even walk on a nice day. there are also RIT shuttles that stop out front so you can take that too. the rooms in colony seem to be bigger than some of the others i've seen on campus so that's a definite pro. also, if you get a townhouse, you have a basement where you can put some things! colony also has some grills around outside so you can have some hamburgers and steak! or...grilled veggies if you're a vegetarian.
the cons? it's unfurnished which for some people might not be a problem but for those with smaller cars or who live farther away it's a bit annoying. i fit into both of those categories. in colony, there is no guarantee you will get your own bedroom. for example, my three bedroom townhome had four people living in it so two people had to share, two people got their own rooms. the last con is that it's a bit...older...than some other places you can live. no dishwasher, no AC, no in-house laundry. however, since it's still RIT housing, laundry is free, you just have to walk to the middle of the complex to the laundry house. or, as i chose to do somedays, go to the dorms and watch deadliest catch in the gracie's lounge.


riverton knolls
not to be confused with the on campus riverknoll...i lived here for one quarter last summer. i was subletting my friend's spot in her apartment. riverton knolls is the farthest i've lived from campus, but i've had friends live farther. it's about a ten minute drive and it's not near any shopping or anything so if you live here, a car is a must. however, riverton knolls is also the nicest place i've lived. it's a mix of townhomes and apartments mixed in with normal suburban housing.
the pros? like i said, this is the nicest place i've lived. if i had to guess, i'd say the units themselves were built in the early 90's, but the interiors (for the most part) look newer, like new carpet and fresh paint. the neighborhood has several features like pools, playgrounds, and tennis courts. my favorite feature though were the trails. there are several miles of paved trails that you can walk, run, or ride your bike on. the streets themselves were also pretty safe for bike riding. the apartment had laundry, AC, and a dishwasher. i looovvee dishwashers haha. you don't have to share a room, but it would be cheaper if you brought some extra people in there.
the cons? besides the dorms, riverton knolls is also (so far) the most expensive place i've lived...however i know UC costs more. my roommate and i each had our own rooms though so if we had more roommates it would have been cheaper. like i said earlier, you have to have a car here unless your roommate loves you very very very much. it's also unfurnished which presents you with the problems i mentioned with furniture + colony.


westbrooke commons
this apartment complex is colony's twin but it's located down the street a bit. before park point was built, this was the closest non-RIT owned apartment complex. you have to drive through a suburban neighborhood to get there but as i was coming home yesterday, i noticed most cars had RIT stickers in the window which leads me to believe lots of students even live in the houses.
the pros? this is the cheapest place i've lived so far. yay!! also, since it's so close to campus, you can ride your bike...actually one of my friends who lived here DID ride their bike to school every day last year. you also have the option of having your own room here. again, it will bring your rent down if you share. westbrooke is a bit better than colony...laundry, AC, DISHWASHER, and a neighborhood pool are all things westbrooke has that colony didn't. and my most favorite thing about my new closet. it's a walk in with lots of shelves and lots of space and i love love love it.
the cons? my bathroom doesn't have an outlet. as a hair straightener dependent person, this made me very upset, esp since my mirror didn't fit in my car and i had to grab a broken one from my trash to made do. rar. another thing...not too bad but i noticed that the apartments aren't redone at the same time. for example, the appliances in our kitchen are rather old. and our fridge kind of rocks back and forth when you open and close it. but our friend's apartment has new appliances (and an outlet in the bathroom rarar). however, their cabinets look older than ours so...hit or miss? gosh, i probably made this place sound awful. it's really not! i can live with older appliances...and it's way nicer than colony...newer carpet haha.


and now a quick look into the future...
university commons aka UC
uc is an apartment complex located on campus and owned by RIT. every single apartment is the same - four bedrooms and a common room. UC is just as close to your classes as the dorms...depending on what building you're in/going to it might be a bit closer! i'll be finishing off my time at RIT in one of these lovely apartments.
the pros? i don't have to drive anymore! yay! everybody gets their own room. the place is completely furnished. the apartments are about ten years old now and RIT has been renovating small groups of them each summer. mine was renovated last summer. kahle, one of our former bloggers, posted pictures of her renovated UC at the end of last summer so you can check them out there or wait until i move in and post pictures.
the cons? the only reason uc isn't more expensive than the dorms is that you don't have to get a meal plan. but i figure with the way gas prices are going, i'm making up for it. uc also lacks the heavenly closet i currently possess and the basement storage i am used to. the rooms are a bit small, but you're not sharing so i guess it's okay. and one little thing that bugs me about the non-renovated UCs...they're ALL GRAY. boring. the new ones are green and off-white.


alright. wow...that was longer than i thought it was going to be. enjoy your weekend!