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When You Go Apartment Hunting...

Adam Richlin on Monday, 16 April 2007. Posted in Residence Life

... You Aren't Supposed to Bring A Gun.

(haha its a joke! GEDDIT? I'm funny! Really! I am! ... yeah... anyway.)

So I started going apartment hunting this weekend with Mike and Nick, two other second-year students on my dorm floor. We're good friends, so it should be fun next year!

We did the housing lottery, but none of us got apartments this year. I guess it's random luck as to who gets the on-campus apartments, but this year it wasnt us. : (

Instead, we're going off-campus!

There's plenty of housing off campus, so we started looking around. We saw about 6 housing complexes within about two miles of campus, four of which we decided against for various reasons. We knocked those out because Nick and I were big on space and cleanliness.... which they didnt have.

I swear one of the places had a backyard that ended in a noise barrier for the 390 Highway. The woman said "You wont get much more than a couple passing cars per night (yeah right!) and that creek over there doesnt overflow too often." Flooding? Noise?! Whoa! NEEEXXTT!

Two of the nicest places (3bed townhouse at Westbrook Commons and 2bed/2bath at Bennington Hills ) are still on our list to consider. I'm voting for Bennington Hills because the place looks nicer. It's a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment with vaulted ceilings and a brand new kitchen, landscaped lawns, plenty of sunlight,etc. The other place has its merits as well... Westbrook would be a three-floor townhouse with a good kitchen as well. The only thing is that Westbrook will be expennnssiiivvveee and has kinda sketchy neighbors.

We'll see. We still have to sit down and have a serious discussion about this all.

My parents are coming up this weekend to take a look at the two places... I think I should get my parents opinion while I can.