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Where in the World is Ritchie???

Clarissa Baston on Wednesday, 21 September 2011. Posted in Vacation / Break

This past summer, the Study Abroad & Fellowships Office kicked off its quarterly photo contest for all the RIT students going abroad.  But this isn’t your typical photo contest.  There is an added element of creativity and cuteness.  Before everyone left for their international adventures, the Study Abroad staff provided students with a travel-sized tiger as a companion.  The goal was to take pictures of the tiger in the most unique, breath taking and awe inspiring locations around the world.  Over 30 submissions have been received and each of them definitely captures what studying abroad is all about.

Once the photographs were collected, we had the RIT community vote on their favorite.  After 150+ votes here are our winners!

1st Place: Mara Goldberg- Dublin, Ireland
2nd Place: Anna Hood- Rome, Italy
3rd Place: Sara Melzer- Athens, Greece

Here is the link with all our submissions: