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Why buy the book?

Alissa Anderson on Thursday, 10 June 2010. Posted in Co-op, Coursework, Libraries

Buying textbooks is like an Olympic sport. You are fightingagainst the world for the best price, or you are stuck buying a ticket in thenosebleed section during ping-pong. That’s how I see it anyway. I spent more okbooks my first quarter on campus then I have in all quarters since combined!You will find that after your first quarter you pick up some tricks of thetrade: confirming texts with your professors, borrowing from a friend /librarian, or buying used from the bookstore or alternate source.  


I don’t want to be a total downer on the book issue becausemost of them are useful and totally worth the money. Well, it might not feelthat way when you are taking the class, but I have referred back to old textsquarters after several times. In addition, some classes use the same textbook.If you are in the Calc I, II, III sequence you use the same book for the entireyear.  I actually bring this uptoday because I actually brought a few of my textbooks to my co-op todaybecause I needed them! I know we are all at RIT to get a degree and then a jobwhich will apply that degree post graduation… but I was just SHOCKED how myeducation thus far has played such a huge role at work, and it is only day 4! Mywhole second year just culminated on a project: statics and mechanic analysisusing the Pro-Engineer 3.0 program we learned to use during freshmen year.


Just a little piece of mind that everything is working out J