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Why did the student cross the road?

Kevin Granger on Monday, 18 June 2012.

To get to RIT, of course!

RIT is located near Rochester, New York (I’d hope that would be obvious). While that may be close to some, it’s a long ways from home for others.

A lot of students who live nearby, whether they’re from Buffalo or Syracuse, usually just drive to the school for move-in, and may even head home for the weekend sometimes. But for students that are further away, whether it’s California or even another country, that may not be feasible. At least, I don’t think that driving through the ocean is a good idea.

When I first came to visit the campus during an Accepted Student day, I flew in. I’d only been on a plane twice before-- and the first time, I was 6 months old, so that doesn’t count. It was a propeller commuter plane, which was interesting (in an “I don’t want to die” kind of way). When I came for move-in, me and my family drove. Coming from Port Washington, that’s about 369 miles (594 km), and a 6-7 hour drive.

Getting on the L.I.E. (Long Island Expressway)? Piece of cake. Getting through the city area? Surprisingly enough, we made it through in record time. It shaved a solid hour off of our estimated time!

Coming home for break was a different story. It wouldn’t make sense for my parents to drive several hours to come and get me, so I took a plane yet again. That was only for thanksgiving, though. For subsequent breaks, I took a train back. It’s much longer than a plane, but I just use that for sleeping time. That, and there’s electrical outlets, so I can play games on my computer, or maybe get some work done. My roommates have taken a bus before, but its time and price are both comparable to a train’s.

Local resource RocWiki has a wonderful article on how to get to Rochester, complete with guides for getting here by car, plane, train, boat, bus, and... “unconventional means.”

No matter how you choose to get here, we hope to see you soon!